Work with Kim

What coaching sessions look like

Depending on the nature of the challenges, goals or activities outlined by the client, each session will be different to other clients and other sessions.

We work together for 60 minutes to identify a topic to coach around, specific outcomes for the session and work together through the hour to identify a plan for achieving the goals and objectives as outlined.


Ready to get started on your journey?

Great! There are a couple of next steps to take in order to start your coaching journey, and in doing so, free up time and space for deep thinking, planning, and easing your lifestyle by taking small steps towards your goals.

Step 1: You have identified coaching as a potential avenue of exploration.

Step 2: Use the contact information on this website to connect with me to schedule an exploratory intake session.

Step 3: We will meet for a 30-minute exploration session to discuss your needs and why you are interested in coaching, set coaching expectations and I can answer any questions you might have about coaching.

Step 4: If you decide to move forwards with coaching, you can explore the pricing below and choose one that most suits your needs. Given that I am still in the credentialing process to become ICF certified, my coaching prices are very reasonable. Sessions can be scheduled via email according to the client’s convenience and include evening or weekend slots.


Traditional coaching sessions with Kim cost $50 per session, with discounted pricing for 5 or 10 session packages.

1 session = $50

5 session package = $225

10 session package = $400

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